Dating Rules That You Should Break

When was the last time you broke some dating rules? Is your love life starting to seem like the same old routine? Have you ever wondered why things don’t work out even though you are trying not to rock the boat? Maybe it’s time that you learned that dating rules are meant to be broken.

Rule #1 – A good date means dinner and a movie.

This one is certainly an old standby. If he has planned the date, and this ends up being the activity, then fine. But when it’s your turn, or if he asks what you want to do, maybe you should shake things up a little.

Try something out of the ordinary. Go to a gallery or museum. Take a walk or a hike. Try looking for a local festival or go to an amusement park. Put a little variety in your dates. You can even try an adrenaline-fueled date, such as rock climbing, zip lining, or bungee jumping.

Rule #2 – Start out as friends.

This is one of the dating rules that does have its merits. After all, you want someone that you feel comfortable with, and someone that you can talk to. However, he has friends, and so do you. You are looking for something more than that.

The friendship principle can be taken too far. Remember not to share too much information, or talk his ear off the way you do when you’re with the girls. Romance demands a little more than incessant gossip.

Rule #3 – Sex happens on the third date.

This rule can add unnecessary pressure, and sets up unrealistic expectations. What you should decide is: when is the right time for you? Sex is a very personal choice, and you should definitely not follow anyone else’s rules.

You can set a time that works for you. Or, better yet, don’t set a time limit at all. Set relationship goals. If you don’t want to have sex before you talk about being exclusive, then make that your personal rule. If you can’t comfortably talk about safe sex, then it’s definitely too soon.

Some traditions are around because they are tried-and-true. But even so, there is no one rule that works for every situation. Go ahead and break some dating rules, and see if it adds some excitement.

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10 Dating Rules That Are So Out Dated – See How You Measure Up

The dating model that male and female interactions follow today has far too many rules, disqualifications and premature folds. This obsession with “dating rules” detracts from interaction based on true emotions and expressions of love. Even something as simple as who makes the first move is a world-class issue so serious that many single men and women fold before the game even begins.

Here are just a few examples of dating rules that are no longer practical in today’s dating and mating culture, but which continue to be used by both men and women only to end up frustrated, angry and broken hearted.

1. A woman should never approach a man or ask him out on a date

Reality Check: If he doesn’t see you but you notice him and you just wait for him to look your direction, you’ll spend the next six weeks dreaming about a total stranger. Give him a chance to get a feel for you, and you do want to determine if the guy is in a relationship or not. You don’t need to go further if he isn’t interested or if he’s already involved. You are just curious and want to get to know him, that’s all.

2. It has to be love at first sight or it’s not love

Reality Check: Only in some unusual occurrence do two people who have an “instant connection” actually maintain a long-term love relationship. It would be wonderful if all of us were that fortunate, but that doesn’t happen to the vast majority of people in this world. Exciting, passionate, fulfilling and committed long-term love relationships require information to build a solid foundation – and information gathering requires time. It has been proven over and over, that a conscious commitment to get to know the other person and share experiences increases the feeling of shared awareness which in turn increases the sense of a strong connection.

3. Dates have to be formal and expensive

Reality check: Gone are the days of candle light dinners in expensive restaurants. With more and more men and women moving towards a simple life, spontaneity, authenticity and showing of real emotions, a Saturday morning walk in the park then a deli sandwich on the park bench afterwards is more likely to make it easy for both of you to see the real, emotional and spontaneous side of each other.

4. A guy should always pay the bill

Reality check: Whoever asks the other out should pay the bill since it was his/her idea to go out in the first place. No one should have to be inconvenienced. However, if you said yes to a date, it is a nice gesture to offer to leave the tip or buy a round of drinks or dessert. If either of you have expectations about going ‘Dutch’ (splitting the bill), that should be mentioned up front. Granted, it’s not always an easy conversation but both people need to be prepared with the funds to chip in (or opt out).

5. A woman should never show a guy that she is interested in him

Reality check: When people work hard for something they get thrills out of the challenge; and when people get what they put so much effort trying to get they feel good about themselves. But unless you are sure that you’ve given the other person enough inspiration to chase after you, there is no point in running when nobody is chasing you. If you are playing hard to get and no one is chasing you, that is not playing hard to get, that is lying to yourself. Before you start playing hard to get, you must first make the sure the other person wants to play, and is interested in the chase. You must first give him or her reason to want to chase you.

6. Don’t say “I love you” first

Reality Check: Saying “I love you” is a very personal experience, and every person has their own different timetable for saying it. If you love someone without any strings attached to the words, what’s wrong with lighting up his/her world (and yours too)? Why spend so much time stressing or trying to trap or force the other person into saying it first, or even worse scouting around the topic for months with neither person letting the other know how they really feel. If you have strings attached to those three words then spell them out but be prepared when the other person doesn’t react the way you want them to. And another thing, do yourself a favour, wait until you really know the person.

7. Don’t date a co-worker

Reality Check: Most of us spend more time at the workplace than any other one place. Unlike bars where you get to pick mainly in impulse and alcohol-impaired chat, in the office you have natural opportunities to get to see more of what the person is really like – how he/she treats other people, how he/she organizes their space, how he/she holds up under stress etc.

8. Don’t date two men or two women at once

Reality Check: Until you both have agreed to be exclusive, don’t start planning for the wedding and children. A majority of men and women today don’t want to be courted and feeling like they owe you a committed relationship, they want to be free and let things happen more naturally. You’ll be much more relaxed and less clingy if you learn how to date for a good time, to have new experiences, enjoy yourself and really learn just what kind of people really rock your world. If on the other hand it’s your choice to be exclusive from the first date, let that be your choice but don’t try to impose it on the other person.

9. Don’t have sex until after you are…ah…hmmm… married

Reality Check: There are couples who have sex right away and a fabulous relationship follows and there are those where sex too soon killed the possibilities of something deeper and lasting. A good guideline is not to confuse love and sex. Sex by itself is more like a booty call. So keep the two differences clear. That way you won’t say you were in love, but horny.

10. You can make a man or woman love you if you knew the right techniques

Reality check: Not many people want to hear this but the bare bone truth is no one has that much power over another. I am sure if you are reading this, you already have tried to make someone love you. You can make someone like you by doing your best to show that you have some common interests, by showing them that that you meet their criteria for ideal partner, by staying in his/her sight, by doing things for him/her etc., but ultimately there is nothing you can do or say to make a person feel “LOVE” for you. They have to arrive at that place on their own. That is the mystery of love – and why it eludes so many. The best approach is to take the moment – a piece of forever- and really live it!

Let common sense and common courtesy be your guide and let the unique dynamics between you and your date dictate how things should progress. Most importantly, relax, have fun and be real. If you want more information on say: approaching a man, where to meet interesting people, say “I love you” first, tell if that cute co-worker is into you or inspire a man or woman to the point that he or she wants to chase you, the articles section of my website has invaluable information – and it’s free!

Dating Rules For Women

Rules suck! Most of us wish rules don’t exist. Since we were little, we were governed by rules. At home, we follow a curfew; in school, there are policies; at work, we need to come in on time and produce results; even in church, we are expected to “behave” properly. There are set rules in each society, from the dining etiquette to the social decorum.

But the good thing is: rules put things in order. Just imagine if there were no traffic rules; or if anybody is allowed to carry a deadly weapon around; or if there are no guidelines against trespassing homes and properties. Even games have rules; because if there is none, there will always be havoc in the basketball court and in the soccer field. If it is told that dating is a game, therefore this game has rules too. Some win, others lose. If you are well-versed with the rules, like in any game, you are sure to have a head start. You are heading on to be a winner. And in every game, strategies and game plans are important. You don’t reveal these strategies to your opponents, you want to keep them guessing.

Similarly, you don’t want men to recognize the dating rules in which you play. You may create approaches to keep them wondering what you are up to. Men enjoy challenges. They say that males have a set of general rules that govern dating. So women have too.

A 1995 Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider’s bestseller, “The Rules”, outlines how women can get the guy they want, but it raised some hostility from some groups. We are all unique and differ in the way we view things, especially dating. Our outlooks and viewpoints change as we grow older and gain more experiences. Therefore, you are very welcome to freely adapt, revise, delete or add your rules in your own dating game as you deem fit.

There are two sets of rules suggested here: one, dating in general; and two, internet dating. Both have their own unique guidelines to contribute to a woman’s success in dating.

General Dating Rules:

• Always be at your best. Look everything a woman. Well-combed hair and a touch of lipstick can turn men’s heads. Everything in your outward appearance should coordinate, including your clothes, shoes and accessories. Be ready to meet Mr. Right at any place, at any time.

• Keep your body fit and in good shape. Mr. Right is interested in both your mind and body.

• Do not divulge everything about you at once. Some information doesn’t need to be revealed. A mysterious woman drives guys crazy!

• Keep your man interested by making your dates brief. Remember, less is more.

• Do not turn up early during your dates. It is every woman’s prerogative to keep her man waiting.

• Do not shell out any money. Let him spend. If he is really into you, he would make sure you have the best food and you arrive home in a cab safely.

• If he doesn’t give you flowers, forget him.

• Do not make him feel that you are too desperate or always available for him. If he wants to see you Wednesday, you’re available Friday. Do not keep watching the phone and jump up when it rings. Make him leave one or two messages before you respond. He should be the one to do the chasing and you, the running.

• Keep sacred your weekend shopping sprees with your female friends. It is not open for dates.

• Shift landmarks as well as goalposts from time to time. This will keep your guy stand on quicksand.

• Don’t assume anything about the man until you know him more. Outward appearance can be deceiving.

• If you are interested in having a child, never talk about it on your first few dates.

• Do not go to bed with someone until you are sure that he has already fallen in love with you. Sex early on will ruin all your dating strategies.

• Your ex’s are your private business. Talking about your previous men, specifically their abilities in bed, is a complete no-no.

• Do not compare your date with your dad. As a rule, no one can measure up to a daughter’s father.

• On the other hand, do not ever say anything bad about his mother. Sons idolize their moms.

• Practice in front of a mirror so you can learn to be a good kisser. You will turn him off if you are not.

• At the slightest sign of insecurity, jealousy or possessiveness, leave at once. Life is short to be wasted on men who have personal issues.

• If he cannot keep his shoes or his nails tidy, dump the guy.

• Lastly, if a gorgeous man interests you, go and create in him a need for you. Make him want you. Don’t wait for him to come and get you, or you may end up watching him leave with another woman.

Internet Dating Rules

• Participate only in safe dating sites.

• Think of a username that is catchy and sexy, yet enigmatic.

• Post your most natural photo.

• Do not provide all your contact information.

• If you are not interested in married men, say so in your profile.

• Do not lie about your personal appearance. Give correct data about your
age, size and description. The truth will sure come out later.

• Do not keep sending them emails as if you are chasing them, let them be the one to run after you.

• When you receive an email, wait at least three days before responding.

• Do not reply to emails during weekends, wait till Monday.

• Write messages safely; keep yourself protected on every side.

• If he doesn’t send you an email in three days, ignore him.

• Do not stay online for very long. Short, quick visits are always best.

• If they annoy you with messages, block them.

• Ignore messages with witty pick up lines.

• Never chat with many men at once as it may cause a delay in responding to the potential Mr. Right.

• Humour and wit are acceptable, as long as they are in context.

• Never think that the man you are in contact with is needy or lonely. Virtual communications can be deceiving.

• In your profile, do not mention anything about your ability in bed.
• Always appear chic and cool.

Ladies, whatever case you are in, whether meeting him face to face or virtually, bear in mind that every woman has the right to be sexy and desirable. You are the chooser, men are the chaser.

Be on the safe side always. Do not give yourself away only for the sake of having a date. Every woman has her Mr. Right. You deserve to have yours.

5 Must Know Dating Rules For Women

Of course, when we think we have found the man for our dreams, we tend to do everything that can to keep him. However, one should remember that the dates (especially the first one) is not just about developing his views or opinions about you. It’s about knowing the basics of each other and deciding whether you both want to give this relationship the green signal or call for the red flag. Therefore, even if you’re already falling head over heels for him, don’t forget to wear your “woman’s hat” during the first date, so you can make a good decision. Here are 5 dating rules for women heading into their date:

Dating Rule #1 Confidence Is Key

Why is it that the bubbly and confident girl next door always seems to attract the most amazing guys? The answer is simple – men are naturally by nature drawn to women who look and feel confident about themselves. Until the moment you show him that you are confident in your own skin, he won’t treat you as you would like to be treated. Of course, everyone has their own baggage, but you don’t want to be bringing up yours on your date -unless you want to completely put him off! Sharing your agony, sob stories, or any other negativity (especially on your first date!) will make a terrible impression and portray a person that the guy doesn’t want to get involved with. Moreover, why do you want to spoil the fun with negative talks? Positive people attract positive people so make sure that you choose sensible topics when on your date.

Dating Rule #2 Dress For Yourself Always

Of course, you want to look your best, but that doesn’t mean you have to go overboard choosing an evening gown that is way too over the top! You want to make sure that you are comfortable and are being true to yourself -so reflect that image with what you choose to wear. The last thing you want to do is to dress up making a huge effort and then creating expectations of this being your ‘normal’ self. To be honest, most guys prefer less make up and the more natural anyway so don’t feel the pressure to wear something you’re not comfortable in.

Dating Rule #3 Let The Man Initiate The Conversations

This is one of the best dating rules for women that will help you looking reasonable in all sense. It’s not to say that you don’t contribute to the conversation, or wait in awkward silence until he says something, but its to prevent you from dominating the entire conversation and hardly even letting him get a word in! Women can talk(!), and in many cases find it far more easier than men but you don’t want to sit there talking about yourself throughout the evening and not even getting to know the guy! Let him initiate the conversation rather than talking out your list of doubts and curiosities back to back. It will help him feel more comfortable and not feel as though he is on trial about to answer 50 questions.

Dating Rule #4 Don’t Jump Conclusions On The Very First Date

A lot of women have the habit of jumping to conclusions far too soon. Yes, you need to be able to judge your instinct, but you also need to give the guy a chance! Many women start losing interest as soon as the man shows up in a funny looking tie. Don’t be that shallow woman! You can’t make judgments on someone’s capabilities to love and respect you by judging his attire or first few sentences. Give him some space and time. Let him get comfortable with you and make sure you keep things going until the last conversation of the night. The decision making process can be put on a hold until you reach home.

Dating Rule #5 No Sex On The First Date!

No matter how much he’s charmed you with his personality and intelligence; it is always a good idea to avoid getting intimate only after just a few dates -especially the first date. Getting intimate too soon can affect your ability to make the right decision for your future. You don’t want to be too emotionally involved which will compromise your decision as to whether or not you want to be with him or not. Furthermore, guys respect women more who don’t just sleep with them at the drop of a hat as if you want a serious relationship, you don’t want him to think of it a purely sexual.

Now that you have the checklist for things to do and not to do, it shouldn’t be too difficult to make your date an enjoyable, memorable experience. These 5 dating rules for women, when practiced will make the date smooth sailing.

6 Golden Dating Rules To Attract Women

I know it’s sometimes hard and even pointless but when it comes to dating, you need to play the game of love and follow certain rules. These dating rules are in fact well known secrets man has developed through the years. Women surely know most of these secrets, but not all of them. Although there are countless ways to approach women, some basic dating rules must be followed in order to succeed.

Dating Rule 1: Return her calls a couple of days later. This way you are in control of the situation. But be careful, do not over do it. Two days later is fine but no later than that. She may lose her interest in you completely. The idea behind this dating rule is that you must never let her think you are desperate about her. There are more important things in your life.

Dating Rule 2: Don’t spend a fortune on early dates. This is a great way to find out if a woman likes you or is after your wallet. On your first dates, do not spend much money on her. Take her to places like a cafeteria for example where you don’t have to spend much. Again do not over do it or she will think you are cheap.

Dating Rule 3: Do not sleep with her on early dates. Resist the temptation. Slow down the process. Kiss her or touch her a few times but don’t go for sex. This will really turn her on and it will increase the passion and sexual tension. Patience is a virtue but hey, don’t wait too long before making love.

Dating Rule 4: Don’t open your heart and soul early on. Be mysterious. Do not give any financial information or clues about your ex-lover or your job. Play the game of seek and hide for a while. She will do the same. Let her think she’s in control but be careful not to scare her with too much mystery.

Dating Rule 5: Don’t introduce her to your friends. At least not yet. Keep her away from your good friends at the beginning. Mistakes could happen. For example a friend of yours might reveal something you are still trying to hide. This is very common. And for god’s sake do not let her even think about flirting with your friends to make you jealous. Because she will probably try that evil technique.

Dating Rule 6: Try to stay away from her friends. At least at the start. It’s a fact that if you meet her friends you will eventually start exposing yourself to the wrong people and give the impression that she can invite her friends to go out with the two of you. She may even ask for a double date! What could be worse than that? Keep her friends away until you are confident enough to meet them.

Online Dating Safety Tips – Ways to Avoid Fraud in Dating Women From Other Countries

The convenience of the internet has not only made way to more opportunities to make money at the comforts of your own home or making shopping a little easier but it also made way for online dating. And because you are not sure who you are not dealing with online, it is recommended to know some online dating safety tips so you won’t be a victim of unscrupulous people on the internet.

Love and marriage that starts from simple online chat or a personal ad is not impossible in the cyberspace. But of course, you will never know who you are dealing with online, so your heartbreak may not be a simple heartbreak but you can also be a victim of the so many scams online that will only drain your pocket.

Here are some online dating safety tips that you might find useful in finding love on the internet.

- Build awareness on the many scams involved in online dating. If it is your first time to try online dating, try to research online on some of the modus operandi of some scammers. There are even ‘risk locations’ that have been identified as source of fraudulent schemes.

- Bring the dating offline. Even if you have been communicating online for several months, it does not mean you are safe. One of the online dating safety tips to keep in mind is to let the woman know that you are willing to visit her country or her place. With this, you can at least find out for yourself if she really exists, and you don’t have to send money if she demands to go to your place and not hers.

- Never send money online. Of course, scammers exist because they get money from their unscrupulous doings. Don’t be blinded by the gorgeous pictures of women and their sweet words, you may be dealing with a scammer. Most of the scammers will often ask you money for travel documents, passport, visa etc, or money for any other reason – money to pay for a loan, or for a family member who is ill, taxes and even money for luxurious gifts and items like cell phone. If your online relationship involves money, be extra cautious about it.

- If the woman strongly insists that she will be the one who will visit you, then you must be cautious as well. Scammers in online dating usually use this to get money from you. They most often tell you they will use the money to pay travel agencies.

- At times, these travel agencies may not also exist. Find a reputable travel agency and make sure they are licensed. Check if they have a website but keep in mind that having a website is not enough too. One of the online dating safety tips to keep in mind is to

It is not even a guarantee that you are looking for women to date in large online dating sites. It is still important to do background checks if you want to make sure.

Online Dating Safety Tips: Common Sense and Common Cons

Online dating is an exciting way to meet new friends and love interests, but some people don’t always use common sense when interacting online or meeting for the first time. By following a few safety guidelines and recognizing the common cons that occur in the online dating world, you can keep yourself protected.

Common Sense – When Online Dating

First, we must recognize the truth: anyone from anywhere can create a profile with a picture they found on Google image search. If anyone asks you for your personal or financial information, a huge red flag should come up. Never give out any information that identifies you to a person you don’t know. This includes your name, address, phone number, social security number, or bank account information.

Common Cons – Things to Look For

Messaging on the Internet is tough, especially in cases where you’re limited to 140 characters. If you suspect of, or come across any of the following items in the list below – chances are it might be a dating scam and you should cease contact with the person you’re talking to.

Chat is vague or doesn’t seem to match the topic of conversation, or topics change often over one message or many
Receiving immediate responses back to your private messages/e-mails could be the sign of a program that is automatically responding to you
After a quick exchange the other person tells you they wish to talk on another messaging service, or exchange e-mail addresses to talk, share pictures, or view webcam
Asks you for money because:
It’s an emergency and only you can help
They were just widowed
Wants you to donate to a “cause”
They claim to be traveling, living, working aboard, or deployed

Asks for your address so they can send you gifts (flowers, etc)
Talks about meeting or finding your profile was “written in the stars”, “destiny” or “fate”
You go to message them and find that their account is deleted, yet you see their picture under another name later on
Their photo seems unrealistic or modified in some way

If the dating website you use has a report feature and you come across any suspicious activity, report that person. It will flag the account to administrators who should personally review the account and delete it if necessary.

When You Finally Meet

Out of the many profiles online, you finally found a person you’d like to meet. Keep yourself protected by following a few guidelines:

Never have your date pick you up at your house
Tell friends and family where you’re going and what time you should be back
Keep your cell phone with you at all times
Meet in a public place with lots of people
Stay sober or drink with caution
Don’t assume the person you’re with is safe
Avoid the perception of any obligation by going ‘dutch’ on the bill
Don’t bring your date back to your home, or go to theirs – go to a hotel
Use a condom
Remain alert until the date is over and you’re home safely

Keeping yourself safe both online and offline is very important. Don’t get a false sense of security or ignore these rules because you use a dating website that does background checks on its members. People with a criminal record can still get into these websites due to flaws in the background checking system – it’s not perfect. Stay safe when dating, and have fun!

Tips For Meeting Your Online Date Safely

After you have been through all the stages of getting to know someone online, talking, sharing goals and aspirations. In many cases if both parties believe there is potential for a relationship they will meet to find out if there is some chemistry between them. Sometimes people can get so caught up in the illusion of online dating that they may overlook other relevant issues when it comes to meeting someone in person. It’s a fact that some people tell lies online. They may not be the person they pretend to be. While the other person may become a victim of a dishonest or dangerous person.

Men and women should use their judgment for personal protection. But sometimes date-seekers are so jaded of the fact that they must meet the other person in a safe place at a safe time. They get out of their shells and instantly embrace the other person as if they have known them forever.

Here are some applicable tips for online daters who plan to meet off line.

Meet only when you finally feel the need to meet. Pressure is a bad recipe for bad online dating. Some of them gets eaten by this and easily gives in to the pressure of meeting up fast. It is better to continue dealing with the other person for a much longer period of time. Although you may not actually know everything about him online, you will be surprised that a longer talk provides some unintentional revelations about the other person. And by being a smart observer, you will easily have a point of judgment for that person. You will know if a good cooking is on the way. Or, things won’t just work out for the both of you. So, it is best to be honest about yourself and also demand honesty from them.

Before you meet in person you should inform a close friend or a relative that you are going out on a date. Let them know the time, place, and most especially the identity of the person you are about to go out with.

Meet the other dater in public. Meet in a safe and familiar location where you know your way around. But try to evade those restaurants or cafes where people know you. You should not give them the opportunity to get more information about you other than the things you have told them.

We all have a sense of intuition. Listen to what your secret angel tells you. One way or another, you will feel that the conversation is good or not. If you sense that something bad is about to happen you should leave at once.

Do not reveal where you live. Do not let him drive or bring you home. Make excuses for saying no. And make sure that he doesn’t follow you home. Change your route.

Although some people may be lucky enough to find in online dating that special someone that can drive them nuts and bring them into the house of wedding bells, remind yourself that there are few who do not. It is best to always keep online dating safe and sound.

Is Online Dating Safe? 10 Tips For Safe Internet Dating

Is online dating safe? Dating can be risky no matter where you meet

The internet has become the dating method of choice for millions of people and the vast majority of them, including myself, have been very happy with the results. Is it risky? Yes it is but so is dating in general. Remember these common sense tips and you’ll be as safe as you possibly can be when dating online.

1. Don’t give out your personal details

If you are looking for suitable dates on line you could be talking to a lot of interested people. They don’t all need to know where you live or your phone number. Don’t give them this information until you know them a lot better and you’ve met them in the real world.

2. Don’t enter into any financial arrangements

Wherever there is opportunity there will be a small number of thieves and criminals. The Internet provides many opportunities for thieves and con men so there is a small possibility that you might meet one of them online. Thieves who prey on people looking for dates online are most likely to be after one thing – your money. So don’t ever give them any or enter into any financial transaction with them no matter how plausible their story is.

This is a very important tip because it’s a common ploy of online thieves to persuade you to do things like opening a bank account that they have access to so that they can deposit money into it. They invent some reason for you to draw out the money and send it to them, which you do because everything looks ok. Some time later the bank informs you that the check that had been cleared into the account was forged and the money has been removed from your account. It’s a simple confidence trick so don’t fall for it.

3. Find out everything you can about your new friend

Ask as many questions as possible and look for inconsistencies in his story. Find out where he lives, how old he is, where he works, what he does and anything else you can think of. The more he tells you the more certain you can be of his sincerity.

4. Examine his story carefully

Confidence tricksters tell you a pack of lies to get you to do what they want you to do. It’s very difficult to make up an elaborate set of lies that are all believable and don’t contradict so it’s not difficult to see through it if you look carefully enough. You only have to find one piece of information that you can definitely identify as a lie to cast doubt over everything else he tells you. If you find that he’s lying then walk away.

Online Dating Safe Tips

Singles are constantly seeking potential partners. The best way of doing this is to try online dating, which offers a lot of things besides finding a date. You can make friends online; find short-term flings, pen pals, and other kinds of relationship you want to engage in.

Each member is typically placed under various categories and among them is religion – such as Jewish, Christian, Muslim and others. There are also websites for alternative lifestyles as well. Some websites serve a specific group or niche; for single parents, seniors, executives and many other categories which people can be classified into. And because of the limited time for socializing, more and more people signing up for online dating websites.

If this sounds like something that interests you, then you need to find the right websites for you. Below are some suggestions that should be considered in finding the right online dating website:

The website must make it a point that their members feel safe. It must be clear on its policy to enhance safety. It should warn off undesirable types by screening new members for criminal records or charges. If this is not done, it could compromise the safety of other members, thus, disciplinary actions would be taken upon by the agency.
Make sure that your personal information submitted to the agency is kept safe and private.
Other services apart from dating should be provided by the agency. Dating advice, newsletters, and other acts that could prove useful to the members.
The fee for the subscription should be realistic. Try to check other dating websites to find out an acceptable average fee to be paid.

By doing the above assessment of a dating website that interests you could save you from the assorted issues and strange dates. Hopefully this helps you to find the person you’re looking for and possibly a partner for life.