6 Golden Dating Rules To Attract Women

By | May 16, 2017

I know it’s sometimes hard and even pointless but when it comes to dating, you need to play the game of love and follow certain rules. These dating rules are in fact well known secrets man has developed through the years. Women surely know most of these secrets, but not all of them. Although there are countless ways to approach women, some basic dating rules must be followed in order to succeed.

Dating Rule 1: Return her calls a couple of days later. This way you are in control of the situation. But be careful, do not over do it. Two days later is fine but no later than that. She may lose her interest in you completely. The idea behind this dating rule is that you must never let her think you are desperate about her. There are more important things in your life.

Dating Rule 2: Don’t spend a fortune on early dates. This is a great way to find out if a woman likes you or is after your wallet. On your first dates, do not spend much money on her. Take her to places like a cafeteria for example where you don’t have to spend much. Again do not over do it or she will think you are cheap.

Dating Rule 3: Do not sleep with her on early dates. Resist the temptation. Slow down the process. Kiss her or touch her a few times but don’t go for sex. This will really turn her on and it will increase the passion and sexual tension. Patience is a virtue but hey, don’t wait too long before making love.

Dating Rule 4: Don’t open your heart and soul early on. Be mysterious. Do not give any financial information or clues about your ex-lover or your job. Play the game of seek and hide for a while. She will do the same. Let her think she’s in control but be careful not to scare her with too much mystery.

Dating Rule 5: Don’t introduce her to your friends. At least not yet. Keep her away from your good friends at the beginning. Mistakes could happen. For example a friend of yours might reveal something you are still trying to hide. This is very common. And for god’s sake do not let her even think about flirting with your friends to make you jealous. Because she will probably try that evil technique.

Dating Rule 6: Try to stay away from her friends. At least at the start. It’s a fact that if you meet her friends you will eventually start exposing yourself to the wrong people and give the impression that she can invite her friends to go out with the two of you. She may even ask for a double date! What could be worse than that? Keep her friends away until you are confident enough to meet them.