Dating Rules That You Should Break

By | May 16, 2017

When was the last time you broke some dating rules? Is your love life starting to seem like the same old routine? Have you ever wondered why things don’t work out even though you are trying not to rock the boat? Maybe it’s time that you learned that dating rules are meant to be broken.

Rule #1 – A good date means dinner and a movie.

This one is certainly an old standby. If he has planned the date, and this ends up being the activity, then fine. But when it’s your turn, or if he asks what you want to do, maybe you should shake things up a little.

Try something out of the ordinary. Go to a gallery or museum. Take a walk or a hike. Try looking for a local festival or go to an amusement park. Put a little variety in your dates. You can even try an adrenaline-fueled date, such as rock climbing, zip lining, or bungee jumping.

Rule #2 – Start out as friends.

This is one of the dating rules that does have its merits. After all, you want someone that you feel comfortable with, and someone that you can talk to. However, he has friends, and so do you. You are looking for something more than that.

The friendship principle can be taken too far. Remember not to share too much information, or talk his ear off the way you do when you’re with the girls. Romance demands a little more than incessant gossip.

Rule #3 – Sex happens on the third date.

This rule can add unnecessary pressure, and sets up unrealistic expectations. What you should decide is: when is the right time for you? Sex is a very personal choice, and you should definitely not follow anyone else’s rules.

You can set a time that works for you. Or, better yet, don’t set a time limit at all. Set relationship goals. If you don’t want to have sex before you talk about being exclusive, then make that your personal rule. If you can’t comfortably talk about safe sex, then it’s definitely too soon.

Some traditions are around because they are tried-and-true. But even so, there is no one rule that works for every situation. Go ahead and break some dating rules, and see if it adds some excitement.

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